About us

At Costa Phones, we take our work pretty seriously. We understand that those individuals with bad credit ratings often struggle to secure a mobile phone contract for themselves.

So that is where we come in! No longer do you have to fight against the system by yourself. No longer will your previous financial mistakes hold you back and stop you from having something that is crucial in our modern society, for both business and social activities – a mobile phone!

How did we manage without them before? Now we need them on a daily basis, for email on the go, socializing, getting directions and many other useful things. We want you to experience their usefulness as well, whether you are self-employed, a student or even a pensioner.

Ultimately, it's our staff that know the in’s and out’s of the mobile phone contract business that are the real heroes. Their expertise and dedication mean that in the past five years, over 90% of those United Kingdom residents that have approached us to help them secure a mobile phone contract have walked away with a smile on their face, despite their bad credit status.

Together with our suppliers, we go out of our way to find you the best contract for your unique profile. This means you will get a brand new smartphone that you will pay off each month. More importantly perhaps, it will be affordable, and within your budget.

So if you have a bad credit rating and are desperately looking for a mobile phone contract, contact us. We are waiting to guide you every step of the way and help you secure that smartphone you have always wanted.

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