Of course, when it comes to providing mobile phone contracts to people who suffer from a bad credit rating, we get lots of questions thrown our way. We understand that sometimes, because of all the past rejection with other providers, our promises can seem far too good to be true.

For that reason, we have prepared a comprehensive FAQ that will hopefully answer any query or question you might have about a bad credit mobile phone contract. If it doesn’t, make sure you contact us. Our staff will be more than willing to help you with your query.

So let’s take a look at those questions.

Who exactly is eligible for a bad credit mobile phone contract?

If you stay in the United Kingdom, are a resident and over the age of 18, then you are eligible for a bad credit mobile phone contract. It doesn’t matter how low your current credit score is, our contracts look past those numbers. Of course, there are some basic criteria that each applicant must meet. This includes:

  • Proof of address (normally a utility bill is perfect)
  • Proof of identity (either your ID document, drivers’ license or passport will do)
  • Proof of income (three months’ pay slips)
  • Banks statements (the last 3 months)

Having all of these will help us source the best deal for you, especially at a price you can afford.

How is it that you don’t have to run any credit checks?

Because we don’t take your credit score into account when you apply, we don’t then need to find out any other information about you credit-wise by running credit checks. Our policy is to give everyone a chance to own a mobile phone on a contract basis. So we assess each individual and match them up to the right contract. Your credit score has seen you rejected before, we won’t do that to you again.

And if I cannot show you proof of income?

It is imperative that you can show us that you are earning money. We don’t mind if you work part-time, work for yourself or even work two jobs. As long as you can show us that the contract we find for you will be paid on a monthly basis, then we can help you out.

So can I apply for a contract for the latest Apple IPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

Well, you could, but the chances of rejection will be very high. Why? Well, when you secure a contract with these handsets, they do not come for free. Their prices are built into the contract and these phones are not cheap. They will push up the contract to beyond a monthly payment level that fits into your budget.

Don’t despair, we have a range of budget smartphones available and if you really have to have either an IPhone or a Galaxy, we will be able to secure you a contract with older models such as the IPhone 4s or the Galaxy 4. Other popular brands include HTC, BlackBerry and Sony Ericsson to name a few.

How long will I wait for my contract to be approved?

No more than 24 hours and usually far quicker. Once your contract has been approved, you will need to sign a few documents and then we will give you your handset.

What happens if something is wrong with my phone?

If something is wrong with your phone, bring it back within 7 days and we will either have it repaired (while lending you a phone in the meantime) or completely replace it, depending on the fault. Please note, if you have broken the phone in any way, or dropped it in water, we cannot be held responsible. Our technicians will also be able to tell if the phone had a fault or if it is negligence on your part.

I don’t really like this model of phone. Can I exchange it?

Well, you really should have done a little bit more research before deciding on a phone shouldn’t you? Don’t worry, if you come back to us within 7 days and the phone is still in perfect condition (no scratches etc.) we can try to help you out.

This is embarrassing, but I am struggling to pay my contract each month

Should you struggle at any point to make a monthly payment, make sure you come and speak to one of our staff. Never miss a payment! That will mean you might have defaulted on the contract. If you come and talk to us, we can try and make a plan for your unique situation. Remember, this contract can also help to turn around your bad credit status. Defaulting on a payment is just not a great idea.

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