The best money-saving apps for your new bad credit smartphone

So now that you have secured a new smartphone on one of our bad credit contracts, you need to remember to pay back the monthly installments diligently, not missing one ever. So why not start by using your phone to help you save some money. There are a number of apps out there that can help in this regard. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few of them.


This is the perfect app to help you keep in control of your spending each month. You do this by recording everything you have spent money on each day. By setting a budget, Spendometer helps to inform you how close you are to going over budget as well as generating useful reports on all your spending habits. After a few months, it will definitely help you to cut down on unnecessary spending.

My Supermarket

This is an incredible app for when you need to pop into the supermarket. It scans all the major supermarkets in the UK, comparing prices and finding you the best deal. So before you head out, you will know exactly where to get all the items on your shopping list at the best possible price.


This app allows you to scan both shops and restaurants in your neighbourhood for any discounts or special offers they might have. It comes in particularly useful when going on a road trip or a holiday, saving plenty of money by finding the best deals available.


If you only have a few items in your pantry that don’t seem to add up together to make a meal. Instead of reaching for your phone, ordering in and wasting money. Put all the pantry ingredients into FoodMatic and it will come up with a list of recipes that you could make with the ingredients you have. This is also a great app for students!


Loyalty cards are another great way to save money and more and more businesses, restaurants and supermarkets are using them. The problem is, they take up so much space in your wallet or purse. Well, Loyalli allows you to put in the details of any loyalty card you have and store them in the app. Now, you can leave all your cards at home and rely on the app when need be.

There are many other ways to save using your mobile phone. Apps are available for literally anything. So make sure you find all of those that you think will make a difference in your life. Let’s be honest, saving money in any way possible never hurt anyone!

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